Vehicle Fleet Operators2019-10-16T19:10:55+11:00

Supplementing fixed route services with dynamic flexible on-demand services improves overall network efficiency.


Flexible Fleet Routing
Improving Operator Capabilities

Let's utilize what you have.

Underutilized vehicles are expensive. Less congested streets and more people on seats is our mindset. By providing a platform to operate smaller more agile vehicles, we balance capacity with capability. No need for excess rigid fixed routes. Provide a wider catchment for your transport network. By improving the capabilities of your fleet, our on-demand platform can provide greater asset utilization and efficient operational running costs.

Real-Time Insights for Data-Driven Decision Making

Drivers can now see their passenger manifest confirmed in real-time. Navigation queues guide drivers into previously inaccessible locations providing the personalized service passenger are expecting. Back at Fleet operations, customer service and dispatch staff have full visibility to new potential customers locations, trip requests, fleet locations and automated reporting placing more control over the quality of your service.


Complementary Microtransit Services: One Technology Platform

Fleet operators are seeking new ways to stay competitive and grow patronage. With the emergence of on-demand & microtransit services, new ways of attracting passengers are developing.

Key Benefits

Improved Visibility

Get a clearer picture of passenger and vehicle interaction.

Real-Time Actionable Data

Optimize vehicle location to suit demand.

Efficient Utilization

Maximise Vehicle Uptake.