Frustrated by that tedious, slow commute in the morning?
The cost of commuting each day can be depressing to think about.

Our on-demand transport and carpool technology enable cities, organizations and institutions to remove the frustration.
This means you can spend less time worrying about the commute.

Whether you want to increase fleet use or encourage more carpool trips, we help your team design and deploy a program that will work for you. By incentivizing more shared trips, together we make meaningful connections that improve a painful commute.
Now imagine the possibilities of a world without traffic.
Shared Transport. Reimagined.
On-demand transport platform image

On-Demand Transport and Microtransit Solutions

Transport is changing at a rapid pace and passengers want the convenience of flexible scheduling. This means more responsive technology and reliable software to enable these requests. Get real-time trip scheduling and routing with Liftango's on-demand transport platform. Reimagine a way to create greater patronage and reduce fleet costs.

Carpooling Reimagined

Carpooling is easy to do but hard to do well.
Improve ride matches, gain greater data insights and integrate parking. Gain rapid uptake with a proven way to carpool. Learn how we simplified carpooling for cities, organizations and institutions.
Dynamic rideshare - carpooling reimagined