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Metro Vancouver Carpool FAQs.

Metro Vancouver Carpool FAQs.

Powered by Liftango.

Powered by Liftango.

Liftango iphone
Liftango iphone

How it works.

Sick of an unreliable commute each day?

No more posting trips hoping to connect with fellow carpoolers.

Set your trip and match with people going the same way in real-time.

Free for all users.

No more clips per trip.

What is Metro Vancouver Carpool?

Metro Vancouver Carpool is an employee exclusive carpooling service powered by Liftango and setup for the Vancouver area. By providing more options for commuters to travel to and from a place of employment, Vancouver Carpool aims to provide employees with an alternative and free mode of transport to and from their place of work.

Not sure if my organization is registered. How do I get started?

Firstly email us at and let us know that you would like to register your business or institution to use the service.

One of our friendly staff will assist you in activating your email domain.

Next, download the app from the app store by clicking one of the links below.

Google Play Icon       App Store Icon

Sign up using your organization's email then set a password and you are ready to go!

Why should I change the way I currently commute each day?

Carpooling is great for the environment, strengthens our community ties and can help make new friends. By carpooling you are also easing congestion on the roads and easing parking pressure. By carpooling each day, you can reduce the uncertainty of your daily commute. Start the day by owning the commute!

What is Liftango?

Liftango powers Metro Vancouver Carpool and is the latest in reliable, real-time carpool matching and trip-scheduling. It is a free service designed to provide employees or students with a stress-free, painless way to commute to work or uni each day.

Why is Vancouver rolling out another carpooling app service?

We believe you deserve an easier way to connect with like-minded commuters. Giving you the power to easily schedule a trip and receive a match in real-time allows you to focus more on what's important and less time stressed from traffic. We feel privileged to provide this free service connecting commuters and providing you with more options for your daily commute.

How do I register and download the app?

We are providing this service exclusively to all employers within the Metro Vancouver area. 

If you are unsure whether your organization has registered just email

A TravelSmart representaive will advise you whether your organization's email has been registered.

You can then go to your relevant app store and search for 'Liftango' and download your app.

How much does using the Liftango Carpooling app cost?

The app is free for users forever. There are no costs associated with using the app and at no point do we ask you for payment details.

By having an approved email domain in the system you can start carpoolign for free today.

Email today to check to see if your organization is registered.

All you have to do is search 'Liftango' in your respective app store and download the app and start carpooling.

I currently carpool using an existing carpooling website – what is different?

No more static matching

Many services available will allow you to post a regular trip on an electronic notice board. You can then manually match with others doing a similar trip. This is old technology and is a less efficient way of finding a carpool.

No more trip-splitting

Gone is the day you have to add payment details into an app. This free service is exclusive to Metro Vancouver employees and is designed to minimize the friction in creating a carpool. We give you a quick and reliable way to match so you can spend more time doing what's important and less time stressing over the daily commute.

Dynamic & real-time matching

No more waiting for a carpool match. Get an answer quickly and see your schedule set for you in real-time.

How do I use the Liftango app?
  1. The first step is to download the app from your preferred app store (iOS and Android) by searching for 'Liftango'
  2. Users will need to sign up to the app using their organization's email address.
  3. Create a simple profile specifying your needs as a rider or driver
  4. Set your first trip origin and destination and preference to drive, ride or both.
  5. Make sure you specify whether you want to leave by a specific time or arrive by a specific time
  6. In your trip scheduling screen you can select additional options such as recurring trips (for the next 7 days) or return journey (schedule both to and from journeys in one process)
  7. Once this is complete, press confirm and the app will search for matches

It's that simple!

What happens once I register and set up my profile?

You are ready to carpool. The app will let you know the best fit for your unique trip needs. Both the rider and driver have the opportunity to accept the match. Once the match is accepted the app will let the driver know where to pick you up and as the driver approaches the app will let you know they are almost there.

What happens when I find a match?

The Liftango app doesn’t stop at just matching driver and rider, the app will support you through the pickup and drop-off process as well. For drivers, it will provide directions to their rider’s nominated pick up point. For riders, the app will let them know that their driver is on their way.

As a Driver what's in it for me?

As a driver, you have the ability to take advantage of the HOV lanes making your commute more convenient and predictable.

Should your employer or campus choose to take on an exclusive network for the organization only then you will gain access to a unique set of driver rewards and parking benefits. 

Speak to your organization representative to discover how you can access these additional rewards.

Is the Liftango Carpooling app open to the public?

No. The Liftango app is only accessible within trusted corporate networks. You only share with other students or staff members.

Each organization or institution must register and have their email domain ( approved in order to be added to the trusted network.

To register, email then download the app by searching 'Liftango' in your respective app store.

Do I have to carpool every day?

The app makes it easy to be flexible - if you want to carpool only on certain days, just load up those trips into the app.

Is my vehicle insurance affected by carpooling?

Using the Liftango Carpooling app is no different than driving a co-worker or friend to work, the beach, or anywhere else you might go in the normal use of your car.

Under our Terms of Use we require that all drivers retain a valid insurance policy that covers the use of Liftango.

If you have any questions regarding insurance speak to your broker about your policy or contact us at

As rider, do I have to pay the driver?

The regulations around carpooling state that the costs of gas, parking and reasonable wear and tear may be shared. If you carpool with a certain driver regularly and come to an arrangement yourselves, then that's great.

The Liftango Carpooling app provides the means to find and organize carpooling between drivers and riders and takes no part in setting prices or helping money change hands.

Can I carpool one-way?

Yes - whatever works best for you and your needs. It may suit you to get a ride in the mornings, but travel home on public transport. Or ride to uni or work with someone in your family, and carpool home. Carpooling is designed to be totally flexible using the Liftango Carpooling app.

How is privacy of the drivers and riders protected?

Your privacy is important and we've made every effort to protect your personal privacy while also providing sufficient information to allow carpooling matches.

Only your email address, car registration, car make and model, are saved when you sign up for Liftango and create a profile.

This is purely to identify that you are part of the trusted network within your organization or region, and to help ensure that Carpool Parking Bays are only used by those who are actually carpooling legitimately.

You can read more on our Privacy Policy here.

What communications will I receive from the app?

As a carpool app user, you will receive email communication during the signup process and on confirmation of matched or cancelled trips.

If you do not receive any email communications you may need to check with your organization's IT department to ensure that emails can be received from the Liftango domain.

We will never share your email details with any third party for marketing purposes. Review our complete Privacy Policy here.

Can I cancel a matched trip?

Yes. At any time you have the flexibility to schedule, accept, decline or cancel a trip. The Liftango App gives you the power to schedule a carpool around your own schedule at a time convenient to you. We do the rest!

I have an issue not listed here, help!

Don't fear, we are not too far away! Just email us at and one of our friendly support team members can assist you.

Alternatively, you can use the chat widget in the bottom right corner to reach out directly by chat message.


Need flexible scheduling?

Need flexible scheduling?

Easily drive, ride or be flexible. All for free.

Easily drive, ride or be flexible. All for free.

Register your organization today.