We are proud to work with universities that have a strong sense of sustainability and a common goal of reducing campus traffic congestion.


Parking Headaches on Campus

"Skipped class today...couldn't find a park". With dynamic carpooling students and staff can access an alternative and sustainable mode of transport to and from campus, whilst actively strengthening the community. Universities are a very fertile ground for carpooling in which we have seen great uptake from students and staff alike.

Smart Parking Integrations

Have more control over the parking facilities on site and increase capacity without constructing expensive parking infrastructure. By working with existing parking facility management on campus, we have been able to prioritize high occupancy vehicles and allow access to boom-gated facilities by applying dynamic discounted pricing for carpoolers.


Guaranteed Parking – No More Waiting

If smart parking integrations are not a necessity, it is possible to utilize a guaranteed parking feature which takes advantage of assigned carpooling spaces on campus. Carpool users get allocated a free (or paid) car park based on a first in, first served process. By having dedicated car parking available, it provides a valuable mechanism for change as an end-of-trip reward. No more waiting for car spaces to free up.