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Rideshare Noosa

Hastings Street Employee Rideshare Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Rideshare Noosa App

What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing is the sharing of cars by passengers and drivers that helps to reduce the number of cars on the roads and reduces the parking needs for those in The Hastings Street Precinct.  By providing more options for commuters to travel to Hastings Street, Noosa expects more staff will look to ridesharing as a more convenient and flexible way to travel.

What is Rideshare Noosa?

Rideshare Noosa is a new ridesharing app that Noosa Council and Hastings Street Association is trialling exclusively for Staff in the Hastings Street Precinct. The Rideshare Noosa App matches riders with drivers to make ridesharing to the Hasting Street Precinct possible. The app supports you through the pickup and drop off process and has the flexibility to select your rides on the days and times best suited for your requirements.

Why is Noosa Council and Hastings Street Association trialling a ridesharing app?

Noosa Council and Hastings Street Association are committed to reducing the number of cars coming to and from the Hastings Street Precinct each day and to ease congestion within the Precinct in line with its Environmental Sustainability Plan. The majority of cars travelling to The Hastings Street Precinct have a single occupant and we want to encourage and support people to share a ride to reduce the parking pressure in and around Hastings Street.

How do I register and download the app?

Go to your relevant app store, download the app and sign up using your Hastings Street approved staff email address.  Create your profile and load up your ride.

How much does using the Rideshare Noosa App cost?

The Rideshare Noosa App is free to download and free to use for Hastings Street Precinct employees!

How do I use the Rideshare Noosa App?

  1. Download the app from the Apple store or Google Play.
  2. Sign up and create a profile using your approved email address.
  3. Load up your rides. The app will match drivers and riders.
  4. Accept the match provided by the app (both the driver and rider have the ability to accept matches).
  5. The in-built navigation function will use Google Maps to guide the driver to the pickup location.

What happens once I register and set up my profile?

You are ready to Rideshare.  The app will let you know the best fit for your unique trip needs.  Both the rider and driver have the opportunity to accept the match.  Once the match is accepted the app will let the driver know where to pick you up and as the driver approaches the app will let you know they are almost there.

What happens when I find a match?

The Rideshare Noosa App doesn’t stop at just matching drivers and riders, the app will support you through the pickup and drop-off process as well.  For drivers, it will provide directions to their riders nominated pick up point.  For riders, the app will let them know that their driver is on their way.

As a Driver what’s in it for me?

If you pick up a rider on the way to your Hastings Street Workplace, you get access to exclusive Rideshare parking spaces. No more hunting for spaces and being late to class. Both drivers and riders are rewarded with Woolworths Gift Vouchers for being the most active users.

How many riders do I have to bring to use the Rideshare parking spots?

Drivers are still required to bring a minimum of one additional passenger with them in the car to be eligible to use the Rideshare bays.

I live in a share house and there may be more than me that need a ride, can I travel with more than one?

The Rideshare Noosa App makes it easy to input the number of riders.  Simply set the number of passengers when you create the trip.

Is the Rideshare Noosa App open to the public?

No.  The rideshare app is accessible within the trusted network of the Hastings Street Precinct staff.  To register to use the app you must have an approved email address added to the network by your employer.

Do I have to Rideshare every day?

The app makes it easy to be flexible – if you want to rideshare only on certain days, just load up those trips into the app.

Is my vehicle insurance affected by ridesharing?

Using the Rideshare Noosa App is no different than driving a friend or a co-worker to work, dinner, or anywhere else you might go in the normal use of your car.

As a rider, do I have to pay the driver?

The regulations around ridesharing state that the costs of petrol, parking and reasonable wear and tear may be shared.  If you rideshare with a certain driver regularly and come to an arrangement yourselves, then that’s great.  The Rideshare Noosa App provides the means to find and organise ridesharing between drivers and riders and takes no part in setting prices or helping money change hands.

As a rider, what happens if I get stuck without a ride home?

It’s always best to arrange your ride home in advance and make sure you have a plan B.  If your ride share home is cancelled and you are left without options, rest assured Rideshare Noosa will ensure you have a ride home.  Just contact Rideshare Noosa and they will arrange a safe lift home for you.

Can I rideshare one-way?

Yes.  Whatever works best for you and your needs.

How do the exclusive rideshare allocated parking spaces work?

Noosa Council has set aside an allocated number of rideshare bays.  During the trial phase, we will closely monitor the usage rates of the car parks to see if we have allocated sufficient car parks.  As a driver, when you accept a rideshare match, you will be notified within the app you are eligible to park in a Rideshare bays.

What happens if there are no parks available?

The Rideshare Noosa App will notify all drivers when all the rideshare bays have been allocated.  When this occurs, drivers will have to park in general parking. During the trial phase, we will be closely monitoring bay usage to ensure that we have sufficient bays allocated to Rideshare users.

How does Rideshare Noosa ensure that only Rideshare users park in the allocated Rideshare car park spots?

The Rideshare Noosa App provides data to the Noosa Council in order to enforce the use of the rideshare bays.  They can see in real-time which car registrations and the number of riders have used the Rideshare Noosa App each day.  Any car parked in the allocated Rideshare bays, which hasn’t picked up riders that day will be issued a parking infringement notice in line with the Noosa Council Traffic and Transport Rules.

How is the privacy of the drivers and riders protected?

Your privacy is important and we’ve made every effort to protect your personal privacy while also providing sufficient information to allow Rideshare matches.  When you create your profile, your email address, car registration, and car make and car model are saved.  This is to identify that you are part of the Hastings Street Precinct trusted network.

Is using Rideshare Noosa safe?

Yes. Safety is our top priority, which is why the Rideshare Noosa App is exclusively for use by the trusted network within the Hastings Street Employee Network.

How do I register my email?

By contacting your employer who is part of the Hastings Street Network with your email address, we make sure the Rideshare Noosa App is exclusively available only for Hastings Street Precinct Staff.

What personal details are required to use Rideshare Noosa?

Your email address and your phone number.  These details are only shared with your Rideshare match.

What happens if I need to cancel my Rideshare Noosa ride?

We know things come up from time to time. You can easily cancel a trip request at any time before you are matched.

Once matched, if you need to cancel your trip, be respectful and do so as early as possible through the app. If you need to adjust plans slightly, we encourage you to reach out to your match to see if they might be able to accommodate you. If you cancel a trip after you are matched, you will not be able to reschedule. Frequent cancellations may mean that limitations are placed on your ability to use the Rideshare bays or may lessen your chance of getting a ride to Hastings Street.

Where can I get help?

If you are having technical issues or want to provide feedback on the app, contact Rideshare Noosa at support@liftango.com

If you would like more information on ridesharing visit https://www.noosa.qld.gov.au/go-noosa or http://liftango.com/rideshare-noosa