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Frustrated by trying to serve the public?
The last thing you need is another complaint about awful public transit.
Improve access to your municipal or local government area's transport.
,And serve more passengers with on-demand technology.

increase public transit patronage

Want to know how to increase public transit patronage?

It is clear that passengers want a different type of bus transport.

Fill the coverage gaps so you can serve more people.

Join the many transport agencies that are improving their public transit offering.

Flexible, dynamic on-demand transport so you can go where the passengers are.

2 ways to increase coverage and attract more passengers.

1.   Providing flexible scheduling lets your passengers work around their needs, not yours. So you can attract more passengers by providing a type of bus transport that works for them.

2.  Provide timely communication to passengers so they know where they stand. Continuous algorithmic optimization removes the chance of a cancellation message. That means you'll be confident passengers don't receive cancellation messages after they're committed to a vehicle.

Find out more with our step-by-step guide to deploying on-demand transport.
Increase coverage and attract more passengers

Key Benefits

Increase public transit usage by improving convenience.

Convenient and Personalized.

Fill gaps in the network and serve more of the public.

Increase Coverage

All data is 100% client-owned and always accessible.

Unique data ownership model.

Public Transit Agencies

Reshaping On-Demand Public Transit for your Municipal or City.

Whether you want to complement existing public transit or service a new zone. Your situation is unique. So we're intensely committed to ensuring your service gets rapid uptake. That allows you to deliver on what's most important - providing an exceptional transport experience for the public.
See how easy and it is to deploy more vehicles without the fearing low usage. So that means no more lengthy and expensive feasibility studies to justify the change. Within a quick timeframe, you can gain confidence in our expertise. Resulting in a program to delivering great results and improve transport options quickly.

Find out how easy it is to improve public transit.

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