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Future private/public partnerships help to cultivate innovative technology delivery. Close collaboration with public agencies enables positive change on a larger scale.

empty car park with downtown city space background

Making your City Accessible

We believe that shared trips should be rewarded. By encouraging higher occupancy travel we open up our cities and regional centers to greater accessibility and in turn provide commuters with opportunities to increase productivity and increase employment opportunities for people with longer commutes.

We're Compatible

Integrating citywide parking facilities to our service and providing more end-of-trip access in the form of a seamless parking experience give commuters another reason to make a positive change in their commuting patterns.


Thinking outside the Box to Make Change

Dynamic pricing is just one way we can incentivize high occupancy travel. By providing discounted rates to those who share parking facilities can increase their capacity and forego costly infrastructure expansion. If parking is not a requirement then our self-managed rewards program gives clients a low-touch easily administered program to incentivize carpoolers without the need for complicated cost-sharing mechanisms.