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To create transport technology that inspires change by reinventing the way people travel.

Every day we will challenge ourselves to improve the daily commuting experience. We are tenacious in our pursuit of 'exceptional' and align ourselves to our client's desires by balancing experiential learning with strategy, teamwork and humility. We are actively helping organizations with their employee commute challenges and provide innovative ways to connect people with public transit. By working closely with government agencies, transport associations and organizations we are providing meaningful transport technology that inspires positive change for commuters and the environment. We're creating a transport future that matters



Humility moves Liftango into the forward-thinking transport landscape. We don't determine our success by mass adoption, but by aligning ourselves to the needs of commuters.


Trust, never just earned from success, we gain this from the entire experience together.


Driving new change IS exciting, our team is motivated by this (and of course free pizza).


Sounds a little textbook, but it is not wrong. Sure, we aren't perfect but we work perfectly together to create something great.

Our People


Kevin Orr

Kevin is Founder and CEO of Liftango with 10 years of experience in the corporate world as a Business Intelligence Manager for a $10B Super Fund.
An applied Mathematics honours graduate, Kev also holds a postgraduate degree in Geographical Information Systems.

Being a CEO means extra-large lattes.

Alex Girard

Applied technology development background, with extensive experience in producing tech solutions for business applications. Alex has a specific focus on transport and ride-hailing mobility and complements this with his extensive knowledge of Agile full-stack web and mobile technologies.

Black Coffee only for this tech wizard.

Trystan Eeles

Versatile and driven professional with wide-ranging experience gained through +12 years in management consulting. Contracts often executed in complex political and regulatory environments, engaging challenging stakeholders to effect performance-enhancing outcomes. A natural affinity with people, emotional intelligence, and a bias for action.
Coffee? Tea only for this Englishman.

About Us

Located on the coast with a bit of sun, surf and less traffic, we bring our knowledge, dedication and of course not forgetting a little fun. Our beliefs are encrusted in the future livability of urbanized centres and how we can connect people to places by providing commuter carpooling and demand responsive micro transit solutions.

We're saying goodbye to frustrations of getting from A to B to both private and public organizations with unique and tailored commuting solutions. Not one client is the same, and we embrace every new situation with diligence whilst still remaining humble to our roots. Not forgetting our role to play in reducing the environmental impacts and creating better communities - all by reducing single occupancy vehicles.

Our Apps

We understand that in order to make a shift in commuting behavior, the experience must be at the forefront of development. So we pour all our knowledge and passion into what we know best - technology, transport and people. We provide both co-branded and white-labelled applications to suit the type of service required, because no two clients needs are the same. Whether it be extending the public transit network with an on-demand service, point-to-point microtransit or a 'trusted' network for commute carpooling, we design specific deployments to meet the needs on a local level to build trust and help commuters on a global scale.