On-Demand Transport Technology

Our delivery process is specific to the behavior patterns of our client's passengers. Using data-driven insights, design translates into deployment with an efficient cost of operations and wider network coverage compared to traditional services.


Building equitable on-demand transit services through smart technology.

We are quickly moving beyond a time where you will be reliant on a fixed route bus service to reach your destination.

As patronage declines within cities and regional centers, it demands a fresh look at how we provide more equitable and flexible transit. This is currently being achieved through on-demand buses and microtransit services. The challenge for these services is to improve upon the existing experience and lower the cost of operation.

From providing greater coverage through more agile vehicles with dynamic routing, zoned point-to-point operations with flexible pickup and dropoff locations, to point-to-hub first-mile, last-mile commuting connections, these scenarios are inspiring action.

How does our On-Demand platform differ?

Passenger App

Designed to provide an intuitive user experience with minimal steps to book a trip, passengers see a white-labelled design, giving you the confidence your brand will stay consistent across the service offering. We provide a real-time connection between riders and drivers to ensure ease of communication, confirmation and completion of each trip.

Operations Platform

The heart and soul of the on-demand service, this is where you get real-time data to inform critical decisions. From live communications, bookings & dispatch, automated reporting and user support, your operations platform will extend the capabilities of your customer support and admin team.

Driver Application

Live navigation, passenger communications and automated dispatches, we understand drivers need critical information in real-time. We designed a driver app to ensure all this critical data can be consumed without distracting from the main task of delivering passengers safely.

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