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“You can't understand a city without using its public transportation system.”



Not Just Limited to Buses

On-Demand, Demand Responsive, Mircrotransit, these are just some of the terms used to describe a new type of transportation that puts the demand truly back in the hands of the public. Designed around convenience, flexibility and above all human behavior, operators, organizations and government no longer need to compromise on service based on capacity constraints, accessibility and fixed routes.

Where do we see the future going?

Well, that's a good question, ideally, if it has more than one seat capacity then on-demand presents an opportunity to ultimately remove a single occupancy vehicle from our congested roads. Complementing mass transit networks and focusing on creating more opportunity through better accessibility is what drives us each day.

The Complexities of Deploying a Service

Whilst this space is fast becoming crowded, the nuances of creating an on-demand platform that caters for the many scenarios that create a seamless experience remains the challenges for all players. Once demand data can be analysed a platform should have the ability to run scenario modelling to predict what type of service will work best.


Why Are We Here?

We believe that a world without the frustrations of traffic opens up a new horizon of possibilities. We are actively pursuing forward-thinking organizations to help change how we think about public transport and how it interacts with their recruitment, retention and accessibility challenges. Instead of building more roads why not change the way we use them?

Key Benefits

Optimize Vehicle Asset Usage

Real-time data provides visibility to capacity, utilization and personalizes the travel experience.

Multiple Options Providing Better Service

Use data-driven insight to deploy a successful service.

Less Spend On Unceccesary Infrastructure

Reduce spend on road and parking infrastructure.