Liftango Smart Mobility Solutions

Liftango is a trusted rideshare solution provider to organisations across multiple industries. Our smart carpool technology can help you alleviate parking woes and cut infrastructure costs - while improving team morale.

You can also use Liftango to report on sustainability and social citizenship goals. Learn how you can provide a transportation alternative to your staff and reduce parking congestion with Liftango.

How it works

Plan Your Rides

Our easy interface lets you quickly input your trips.

View ride details

Click and see trip details on a map, including journey time and suggested routes.

See profiles

View profiles of your matched riders and drivers, including the number of trips and the trusted networks they belong to.

Find a match

Liftango provides matches along your route – no more major detours!

Journey time

Liftango is with you all the way. We support you through the journey and provide insight of the driver’s location to the riders so no more wait angst!

Get Rewards

Ride share with Liftango and we reward you. We provide fuel vouchers and guaranteed car parks in the best spots.