Liftango: Carpooling Technology

Why organizations are benefiting by reinventing carpooling

And how it's creating more opportunities than just commuter savings

How do we know if carpooling is for you? Motivation, ability to change and incentives are the three crucial factors in the recipe for a successful carpool program. With many tried, tested and successful scenarios, implementing carpooling needs to be in the most fertile conditions so you and your organization can have the most beneficial program possible.

Motivation to change may be a cheaper alternative to the current commute or balancing a suburban retention strategy with an induced congestion challenge at an urban location.

Make the ability to change as simple and easy as possible through dynamic matching, real-time reporting and intuitive app design.

Incentives play a key role in rewarding a shift in behavior. We believe that through smart parking integrations we open up new opportunities to provide an easier and more seamless service.

Why most organizations do not think about carpooling

A lot of organizations just see carpooling as a way of getting more people in one car and perhaps saving some money in doing so. Carpooling has since changed and technology is providing a healthy refresh on the tried and test mode of transportation.

Key Benefits

Smart Parking Integrations

Improve your facility management capabilities by increasing the capacity of the existing asset. Create dynamic pricing or validated discounted entry for high occupancy vehicles and in turn, incentivize more sustainable travel options.

Guaranteed Parking

Shared trip incentives can be simplified beyond smart parking integrations. By improving parking accessibility with dedicated carpool parking bays, Liftango is able to assign virtual parking bays in real-time within the app interface. Thus providing an end-of-trip benefit to carpoolers by rewarding them with guaranteed parking.

Exclusive & Trusted Communities

Only match with people you know. We ensure that our carpooling networks are communities of organizations with a common interest or shared place of employment. This way we are promoting and strengthening workplace connectivity and delivering a trusted space for commuters to connect with each other without the fear of a complete stranger getting into the car.

Sustainable Rewards

No more cost sharing complications. We administer the rewards distribution and ensure that both driver and rider are rewarded for their commitment to reducing single occupancy vehicle usage.

“Our roads are broken. They are full of cars but not people.”


Our Carpooling Technology Platform

Smart Parking Integrations (API)

By working with 3rd-party parking provider, we are able to validate and shared trips and provide a dynamic pricing schedule that both incentivizes shared trips and improved facility capacity.

Dynamic Scheduling & Trip Generation

Book a trip whenever you like. With a flexible scheduling service, you can save time by booking out in advance or book at short notice due to changing circumstances.

Real-Time Data Reporting

Get access to the data so that you can stay informed and monitor the performance of your carpooling program. Automated reporting in real-time makes it easier for you to make the right data-driven decisions. 

User Rewards

We administer rewards so you don't have to. By providing incentives to both driver and rider for choosing sustainable transportation, you can be confident that underlying behaviors are being changed for a long-term positive outcome.

Guaranteed Parking

In-app allocation of parking bays means that drivers can relax knowing they have a parking bay waiting for them at the end of their trip.

Closed Network Matching

By only allowing approved email domains register, we build a trusted network of carpoolers so that individual users and their organizations are confident they are matching trips in a secure & safe carpooling environment.

Relaxed Matching Preferences

Provides a greater set of trip options and allows you to be flexible in your travel to increase the number of potential trip matches if needed.

Automatic Return Trip Bookings

Save on time and effort. Book return trip details in the same process so you don't have to keep scheduling multiple trips. You can also set the number of recurring trips so you can have the confidence you have your trips booked out the following five, 10 or 30 days in advance.

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