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Liftango is a smart mobility solutions for the modern world we live in.

More people than ‚Ä©ever before are living in cities, it's increasingly vital to reduce traffic congestion, mitigate carbon emissions, and connect people with economic opportunities.

Liftango works with organisations to improve congestion and parking problems, without the kind of capital expenditures associated with building more car parks.
Work with us today to solve your organisations transportation problems.

Today's parking pressures have far-reaching effects

On your business, your people, and our communities.
Liftango tackles the problems created by our over-reliance on vehicles. Today, more than 70% of all domestic passenger transit occurs on roads. Driving is the #1 means of transport within cities and for trips up to 400 kilometers. And we rely on vehicles 600% more than other modes of transport, combined. It's no surprise that our energy use is suboptimal. Our roads and cities suer the damaging effects of congestion.

This costs Australia's economy an estimated $15 billion -- each year. In time, transporting goods and people to cities could become even more difficult. And businesses in urban centers may face limited economic opportunity.

But Liftango can help your business by empowering you to more vehicles into your car parks. Reducing congestion just 7% has the same effects that we see on school holidays when there are far fewer vehicles on the road.

Why build more unsightly car parks when you can use sustainable methods to enhance your existing space? With Liftango, you can help reverse congestion and space pressures and be part of the "smart cities" revolution. Together, we can make a difference.

Benefits for Businesses

Our promises to you

Liftango requires no integration or additional IT investment -- ever.
Our subscription-based pricing model aligns with your annual budget cycles.

We can link you with other businesses for broader rideshare networks and increased efficiency.
We keep your employees in our ecosystem by rewarding drivers and frequent users.

A Perk for Your People

  • Provides free rides to and from work
  • Links users with trusted ride share networks
  • Cuts transportation and parking costs
  • Keeps focus on the job, not the daily drive
  • Strenghtens co-worker relationships

A Plus for Your Business

  • Fosters improved employee productivity
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Prevents spend on new parking facilities
  • Generates more guest parking revenues
  • Shows your commitment to sustainability

A Choice for Our Future

  • Ties to evolutionary "smart cities" thinking
  • Cuts volumes of vehicles in transit daily
  • Reduces harmful greenhous gas emissions
  • Creates healthier, safer communities
  • Brings people together for the common good
We help people share journeys
We improve your efficiency
We care about our world

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