What is Liftango?

Liftango rideshare technology links employees with free trips to and from work, while allowing employers to address pressing parking challenges.
Benefits for

Benefits for Businesses

Engaged employees

We eliminate the stress and expense of employees' daily drive, while proving your commitment to a sustainable future.

Greater productivity

We empower your employees to focus on work -- not how they are getting to and from work.

New revenue

Liftango frees up your existing parking spaces so you can maximise the value of your parking facilities.

New connections

We link nearby businesses to create a bigger pool of rideshare matches -- and create new networking opportunities for your team.

For businesses, Liftango solves transportation and parking problems with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Why We Need Ridesharing

Consider this fact: nearly 6 million vehicles travel to and from workplaces in Australia each business day. That equals 600% more than other modes of transport, combined.

Many employers can’t keep up with employee parking demands. They either suffer from overcrowded parking garages or face the high expense of building new facilities.

And while our parking supply has shrunk, fewer people are sharing rides. Ridesharing has dropped from 20% in the 1980s to 7.8% now.

No doubt about it: ridesharing is an idea whose time has come. And Liftango makes it easy.

Why we need ridesharing

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