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We believe complementing public transit with new technology is critical to provide greater accessibility to our cities and regional centers.


How will transport agencies be affected?

The traditional fixed route service is being upgraded throughout cities across the world to more flexible and dynamic routing, providing passengers with personalized and convenient public transit.

Are Bus Stops a thing of the past?

Through smart technology and dynamic routing, the physical bus stop just became virtual. Passengers can now access their transit service from their door. That means, no more excuses like "What if it rains?" or "There's no parking at the station".

By removing these types of barriers encouraging single occupancy travel modes, an on-demand service gives a city the opportunity to reinvigorate public transport patronage by linking commuters with services and filling the first-mile, last-mile gap.


Configure on-demand to suit your city

Whilst on-demand services have been around and through many iterations, smartphone technology has enabled a more granular approach to service deployment. Through our service feasibility analysis (tech speak for testing), we find out what model will work best for your scenario.

Whether it be a point-to-point, point-to-hub or fixed loop services with door-to-door, virtual grid, fixed meeting points or dynamic meeting points there are a number of options that provide the best outcome to suit the needs of the passenger demand. Improve access to public transit and create greater service equity through on-demand technology.

Key Benefits

Personalized Public Transit

Provide a door-to-door experience for passengers.

Reinvigorate Patronage

On-demand gives people more reasons to return to public transit through convenience.

Improve Access & Service Equity

Increase the coverage of the public transit network and reach more of those that need it most.