Smarter Choices Changing The Way We Travel

Workplace Travel Plans – Do they actually work? Since the humble Workplace Travel Plan (WTP) became a condition of consent for development applications, it has suffered a hit to its reputation. As part of local government bureaucratic processes, the WTP became “guilty by association” of being an administrative, box-ticking exercise without any inherent value. But

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Build More, Spend Less

Developers can build more and spend less with ridesharing When it comes to the moving parts of a major infrastructure project, ridesharing isn’t usually top of mind for managers who are looking to reduce costs. But consider this—as hundreds of workers descend on the site of a large development and its surrounding suburbs, congestion can

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Rideshare – The new work-environment initative

  How to improve workplace culture through ridesharing Ridesharing is a concept that has been gaining traction in recent years. With advancements in technology allowing us to book rides through apps, getting around has never been more convenient. Forward-thinking companies are now getting on board too, by implementing corporate ride sharing programs for employees, with

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How does ‘shared-mobility’ play a role in Smart Cities and could it tackle housing affordability?

  Housing affordability and traffic congestion - Pain points most people can relate to “Positioning our cities to succeed in a 21st Century” is the stance taken by the Government’s Smart Cities Plan – the idea of making cities more liveable and attracting talent to fuel innovative growth through job creation. Two items high on

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