The Marriage of Infrastructure and Technology

Mobility is a vital transport technology for the Infratech market Shared mobility modes like on-demand public transport and carpooling solutions marry rather successfully with those infrastructure projects looking to mitigate parking construction costs, as well as site congestion from single-occupancy vehicles. Along with those cost savings for developers, there are multiple savings to be found

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The Marriage of Infrastructure and Technology

We all take part in a broad system of buildings, roads, parks, essential services and utilities, and walk, commute… simply exist among it all every day. For the most part, it is woven together so seamlessly that you don’t ever really contemplate its component parts. Our major cities’ infrastructure operates – mostly – like well-oiled

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So You Think You Know Shared Mobility?

When it comes to creating transport strategies, it’s easy to follow the path of least resistance. Too often this results in waste. Efficiencies dwindle. And then we just repeat this all over. Building ‘bigger and better’ is not necessarily the answer. Challenging how we utilise the space required to grow, forces us to look at

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The Benefits of Shared Mobility in Infrastructure Technology.

  Millions are wasted factoring in parking for our built environment. Luckily there’s a remedy. Technology is unlocking savings, and there's no stopping it.   Everywhere you look, new high rise offices and apartments are being built around our cities, with hundreds of carparks needing to be factored in for the new building occupants. Not

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Liftango Reaches for Michigan Central Station

Down from over 80 submissions, to 12 - Liftango is ready to bring their solution to Michigan. The well known City:One Challenge along with Ford is bringing in $7,400,000 to the restoration of Michigan Central Station, and Liftango, are putting their best foot forward in conjunction with RideWithShare (a corporate shuttle business), to assist the

Our GreaterBayX Journey

What is GreaterBayX? Liftango has been selected as one of eight companies to be taken to five cities within the Greater Bay Area to explore opportunities for business and collaboration. Well, what does this mean for Liftango? Out of hundreds of applications, Liftango was selected along with 7 other companies chosen from around the globe

What I Learnt In 4 Years Of Attending ITS World Congress Events

An account by CEO & Co-Founder Kevin Orr. How did the ITS World Congress compare to previous years? Singapore was one of the best yet! Having attended or presented at the last four ITS World Congress events, I don’t consider myself fully qualified to judge the quality of the events. But in my humble opinion,