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Smarter Choices Changing The Way We Travel

Workplace Travel Plans – Do they actually work? Since the humble Workplace Travel Plan (WTP) became a condition of consent for development applications, it has suffered a hit to its reputation. As part of local government bureaucratic processes, the WTP became “guilty by association” of being an administrative, box-ticking exercise without any inherent value. But

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Sustainability Generating Productivity

Thinking outside the box to deliver CO2 reduction targets Increasingly, businesses are having to meet more and more demanding sustainability targets. Many of these are closely tied to their supply chain or manufacturing processes, and little attention is given to how their employees get to and from work. However, there is a new model rapidly

Rideshare: The New Work-Environment Initiative

How to improve workplace culture through ridesharing Ridesharing is a concept that has been gaining traction in recent years. With advancements in technology allowing us to book rides through apps, getting around has never been more convenient. Forward-thinking companies are now getting on board too, by implementing corporate ride sharing programs for employees, with incentives

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Housing Affordability and Traffic Congestion

How does ‘shared-mobility’ play a role in Smart Cities and could it tackle housing affordability? “Positioning our cities to succeed in the 21st Century” is the stance taken by the Government’s Smart Cities Plan – the idea of making cities more liveable and attracting talent to fuel innovative growth through job creation. Two items high

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