Housing Affordability and Traffic Congestion

How does ‘shared-mobility’ play a role in Smart Cities and could it tackle housing affordability? “Positioning our cities to succeed in the 21st Century” is the stance taken by the Government’s Smart Cities Plan – the idea of making cities more liveable and attracting talent to fuel innovative growth through job creation. Two items high

2019-07-06T16:30:16+11:00April 5th, 2018|Carpooling, Commuters, HR, Transport Strategy|

Evolution of Carpooling – Reactive to proactive

Evolution of Carpooling – Reactive to Proactive? Born out of a necessity to conserve rubber and fuel for wartime efforts in North America, carpooling has evolved to play a critical role in planning city infrastructure and tackling ‘avoidable’ congestion costs. It is estimated that across eight capital cities in Australia, avoidable congestion costs businesses a combined

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