About Liftango

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Our Story

Liftango is a corporate rideshare and demand responsive transport technology company that believes the future livability of our cities and regional centres will be determined by the actions organisations take today.
By providing innovative technology to solve parking & congestion problems, minimize staff commuter costs and delivering a sustainable approach to reducing emissions, Liftango provides organizations such as Qantas, the University of Newcastle, Macquarie Business Park and NIB Insurance a unique solution to reduce environmental and social impacts of congestion caused by low occupancy vehicles.
The vision for Liftango came to life in Sydney,  Australia in 2015. Our founders recognized the potential to use technology to reduce the vast number of low occupancy vehicles commuting in and out of the city each day. Since our inception, we have grown to provide solutions across Australia and overseas to universities, hospitals, and corporates. You can now find Liftango being used by employers all around the world, thanks to our partnerships with top-name smart parking systems.

Our Values

From day one, we have maintained a strong devotion to the needs and safety of our users. We designed Liftango to connect people within a trusted organisations network, using a proprietary algorithm. Your employees and/or students use Liftango, and they can earn valuable rewards for carpooling or access low cost shared on-demand buses, in turn doing their part for a sustainable future. At Liftango, we take pride in being a key part of the smart cities movement. We know our work helps alleviate congestion and parking pressures while improving the quality of life in urban areas.

Our Promises

100% Free for Users:

You will never need to pay to find a rideshare.

100% Rewarding:

You can feel proud of protecting our environment. And the more you carpool the more you earn rewards.

100% Secure:

Your data is safe with us. We only share trip details when you accept a ride.

100% User-Focused:

Your feedback matters. We use your ideas to define new features.